登录问题?   (Login problem)

你是否有登录问题?    (Are you having login problems?)

网站加载慢 (Site slow?)


如果该登录网站的加载速度较慢,请保持耐心,尤其是当您的本地连接速度较慢时。我们确实知晓该网站需要一些时间来进行加载。  (If the login site is slow please be patient particularly if your local connectivity is slow. We do know the site takes some time to load.)


 直播网络研讨会的快捷通道 (Need a fast track to access live webinar?)


如果您想通过快捷通道来登录直播网络研讨会,可以直接使用此链接。: https://zoom.us/j/800927697

(If you want to login to the live webinar on a fast track then you can use this link directly: https://zoom.us/j/800927697)


Zoom软件的国际拨入号码 (Zoom International Dial-in Numbers)




If you want to dial-in through phone and not above link, details of international dial-in numbers below:


尚未注册 (Not yet registered?)


如果您还没有注册,可以即时进行注册并设置密码和ID以加入会议——在此处注册: https://livefest2018.vfairs.com/en/registration 

(If you have not yet registered you can do so and pick up the password and ID to join - register here: https://livefest2018.vfairs.com/en/registration)  

需要新密码 (Need a new password?)



(If you have forgotten the password then you can get a new one from the “forgot password” button that is on the login screen:https://livefest2018.vfairs.com/en/login)

需要其他帮助 (Any other assistance?)



(Directly email us on: livefestsupport@the-digital-insurer.com)